Based on the user needs, the facility can be used to generate summary and detailed information on CARICOM/Member States trade (imports, domestic exports, re-exports and total exports) with selected trading partners (e.g. USA, Canada etc) , trading blocs (EU, NAFTA etc) or geographic area. Some of the reports that can be generated include:

         CARICOM’s Imports, Exports and Balance of Trade with Partners by Country for Period

         CARICOM’s Trade with Partners by Country for Period

         CARICOM’s Intra-Regional Imports for the latest 5 years;

         Intra-Regional Trade Balance by Country for the latest 5 years

         CARICOM’s /Member State top 10 trading partners etc 

Users can create their own queries through the Advanced Query function. The facility also provides information on the classifications systems, the methodology; explanatory notes etc, used to compile the data. A Help function is also included to provide some assistance.

In the future, the Secretariat plans to enhance the facility to include data warehousing capabilities and pre-packaged information based on data relating to the current situation and the important products of the Region. It would also include Correlation Tables, which would allow aggregation of data across Member States.

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